bitcoin for sports betting – what you should know?

Do you like to pay with cryptocurrencies and prefer to deposit and withdraw accordingly at an online bookmaker? Then a specialized Bitcoin betting provider is the right choice for you. In our detailed comparison, we have taken a close look at the individual betting portals in terms of odds, betting offers and bonus promotions. Further article will guide you through bitcoin for sports betting.

Our Bitcoin betting test winner 22bet was the most convincing in terms of betting odds, live sports betting and bonus offers. The betting providers in the following table also received a high rating in our test.

What you can learn more about below? We'll show you where online betting with Bitcoin is most profitable for you – and also provide information about the payment method itself. Are you ready to open account for sports betting providers using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin for sports betting – why it's so popular?

Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized currency – i.e. not tied to other currencies. It is independent of banks, money movements do not have to be confirmed here first. Bitcoins can be purchased by any other currency and are to be stored in an e-wallet. Already numerous Bitcoin betting providers have put their focus on the payment method.

Sports betting Bitcoin payments enable worldwide payments online. The sports betting Bitcoin deposit runs anonymously. Bitcoin supply is limited. it is strongly protected from inflation. It has worldwide flexible transfer p2p system.



Do you have questions about a Bitcoin betting provider or would you like to learn more in general? Then you've come to the right place. We have answered common questions for you and try to help you make the right decision. Because: Only the right Bitcoin betting provider will allow you to have the fun you want.

Which betting providers accept Bitcoin?

Best Bitcoin betting providers such as 22bet offer you the possibility to deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin. BetBTC and other betting portals tested by us are also very familiar with this payment method. In general, more and more bookmakers are including cryptocurrencies like these in their portfolio, so you are spoiled for choice.

Are sports bets with Bitcoin safe?

The security of Bitcoin betting is more or less in the foreground. This is because: no bank details are passed on when making a sports betting Bitcoin deposit, so third parties cannot access sensitive data either. This is not always impossible with other payment methods.

Why should I use sports betting providers with Bitcoin?

The advantages of betting providers with Bitcoin include the fact that they allow more security and privacy. Also, your payments will be posted faster since it is a virtual wallet. This also applies to payouts, which is why Bitcoin is currently going strong.

What are the limits for Bitcoin sports betting?

The advantages of betting providers with Bitcoin include the fact that they allow more security and privacy. Also, your payments will be posted faster since it is a virtual wallet. This also applies to payouts, which is why Bitcoin is currently going strong.

Using Bitcoin for sports betting is still partly limited, however it brings many advantages. In particular, the anonymous and secure payment without bank data speaks in favor of using the cryptocurrency when betting. Instant payments and payouts are what convince users time and again.

The most popular sports for online betting with Bitcoin

Do you want to choose a Bitcoin betting provider? Then there are a few things to consider. For example, the operator should offer fee-free payments so that you don't have to deal with any disadvantages. Also, the deposit and withdrawal limits should definitely fit your needs. But most importantly, Bitcoin for sports betting should be possible in as many sports as possible that match your preferences.

Below, we have selected the best providers for popular sports like soccer or tennis that the market has to offer. The sports betting providers we have chosen using Bitcoin come with numerous advantages that cannot be found elsewhere. We'll show you all the details you need to know at a glance.

Bitcoin Football Betting ⚽

So which Bitcoin betting providers are the best when it comes to the sport of soccer? We took a closer look at the bookmakers and reveal below which top platforms can be approached. You can also find out what they have to offer in the following overview.

bitcoin football betting in stadium

Bitcoin betting is therefore particularly advantageous at one of these soccer betting portals. Why? Because the deposit limits have been designed pleasantly, and variate of soccer bets is impressive. Whether Bundesliga, Champions League or Premier League – here you can surely find the right bet for everyone.

Bitcoin Tennis Betting 🎾

Do you prefer tennis betting with Bitcoin to soccer? That's no wonder: the sport thrills with at least as much variety and thrill. Once again, we have the best betting providers with Bitcoin deposit that the market has to offer ready for this sport. Their strengths: attractive bonus offers, plenty of betting selection and good deposit limits.

Sports betting apps with Bitcoin

You want to take advantage of mobile sports betting Bitcoin offers? Then there are many betting app with Bitcoin payment options to discover. The apps allow depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin, but also the use of the welcome offer. Either such an app is available as a native application or as a mobile-optimized website.

You can easily do sports betting through mobile app. Native apps can be downloaded directly from the selected bookmaker. As a mobile website, however, most providers are available without any download – here it is only necessary to call up the website via the mobile browser.

bitcoin icon on a mobile phone placed on a laptop

This is the Bitcoin sports betting app that we can recommend all around. Why? Because the Bitcoin sports betting provider not only offers a broad sports betting portfolio, but has also perfected its mobile presence via the browser – for all devices. Either way, betting apps are also easy to use – something 22bet can definitely offer.

The best live betting providers with Bitcoin

You don't just want to place bets with Bitcoin, but also want to be able to participate in live betting? Then you can discover our best live betting bookmakers below. They can score points in the test by covering as many sports as possible with live betting – and can also convince with high odds.

Live Bitcoin sports betting is offered particularly favorably by the following bookmakers. Here you will find numerous options before, but also live animations, statistics and everything important. By the way: It is not uncommon for a new customer bonus to be converted with live bets, so you have a few options here.

live sports betting attributes in yellow background: tennis betting, football betting

Bitcoin sports betting can also be done live – however, the offers of Bitcoin bookmakers sometimes vary greatly. Therefore, it is important to choose one of the top providers to make the most of your own betting experience. Our tip for you: You can also convert bonus credits well in the live area.

New Bitcoin betting providers

The online betting provider Bitcoin payment method is currently becoming more and more popular – which is not very surprising considering its advantages. However: because of its popularity, more and more bookmakers are turning to cryptocurrency to provide an advanced betting experience. We reveal who belongs to the list of new providers below.

New bookmakers usually score with the fact that they are fresh on the market – and want to convince their users with many promotions. Moreover, because PayPal is withdrawing more and more from the industry, Bitcoin is also a good alternative. Especially if you don't want to bet with classic payment methods.

New Bitcoin betting providers such as the companies mentioned above are not only reputable and secure, but also usually come up with particularly attractive bonuses. The recently founded companies already have several 100,000 customers – and not without reason. There are many advantages here, from which you can also benefit.

Bitcoin betting and security

Bitcoins can be purchased in advance via bank transfer or alternative payment methods and then stored in the user's own e-wallet. Thereby, a code stands for the virtual coin – this cannot simply be taken over by third parties. Best Bitcoin betting providers allow deposits and withdrawals with the method immediately, so no waiting times have to be calculated.

bitcoin betting security

But the real security advantage lies in the fact that Bitcoin payments do not require the provision of bank details and sensitive personal data, which also avoids access by third parties. The sports betting providers cannot access this data either, so more privacy is guaranteed.

In the following, we would like to summarize the advantages of the currency in terms of security once again. After all, anyone who decides to bet online should also know exactly what they are getting into when it comes to payment methods. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is not so popular for nothing and ensures the appearance of more and more online betting Bitcoin representatives:

  • Bitcoin betting runs more anonymously
  • No bank details are passed on to the bookmaker
  • The cryptocurrency is inflation-proof
  • Payouts can be accessed immediately

Deposits and withdrawals at a sports betting provider with Bitcoin

Since this article is all about the popular payment method and best Bitcoin betting provider, we would also like to discuss how deposits and withdrawals are made with the cryptocurrency. Below you will find everything you need to know about the topic in order to get started and start betting.

betting with bitcoin exchange bitcoin to dollars

Depositing with a sports betting provider

If you want to deposit in order to take advantage of sports betting Bitcoin options, you must first register with the corresponding bookmaker. Best Bitcoin betting providers allow you to register in a few seconds, so this is by no means a big hassle. After that, you can go to the cashier area and select Bitcoin as the payment method.

Now it is necessary to select the desired amount and confirm the deposit. In this step, you will be asked for the data of your own eWallet so that the transaction can be carried out. Once this is completed, the funds are immediately found on the online betting Bitcoin player account.

  • Register with the Bitcoin sports betting provider
  • Go to the cashier area and select Bitcoin as a method.
  • Enter the desired amount and confirm
  • Confirm payment with your own payment details
  • Check and start betting

Below, we have collected all the important details about the sports betting Bitcoin deposit at the individual providers. You can therefore see at a glance how advantageous the payment method is compared to other payment methods. These features will help you to decide more easily for or against the cryptocurrency.

bitcoin on the card reader

In most cases, the limits around betting providers with Bitcoin deposit are not yet regulated quite as maturely as with other payment methods. Therefore, it is all the more important to choose the right provider. You can find many payment methods at Krypto Casino Stake and Roobet Online Casino. On the other hand, Bitcoin offers the advantage of enabling fast deposits and withdrawals – which is not possible with, for example, the classic bank transfer.

Another advantage is that no fees are due. And that neither on the part of the betting Bitcoin representatives nor on the part of the payment method itself. Credit card payments and e-wallets of other kinds are occasionally subject to fees that could diminish the betting experience – which is why it is worth taking a look at Bitcoin.

Withdrawal at the Bitcoin betting 

You have been able to earn winnings through the online betting Bitcoin experience and would like to cash them out in cryptocurrencies? Then all you have to do is go to the cashier area of your player account and select the desired payout method. You also have to choose the desired amount. As a rule, the withdrawal can only be made in the same way as the last deposit was made.

In the following, we also provide all the important details about the payouts that make up the respective Bitcoin bookmaker. From the minimum payout to possible fees, you can see all the features that could be important for you. We can say in advance that payouts with the cryptocurrency also prove to be advantageous.

bitcoin withdrawal from e-wallet to credit card

It can therefore be worthwhile to rely on the cryptocurrency for payouts. Especially because the credit can be converted directly in some webshops – and quite anonymously. The minimum amount for a payout has been set very low in most cases, which is extremely convenient.

Bitcoin for Sports Betting – what Bonus Offers you can recieve?

Specific bonus promotions specifically for customers who want to use sports betting with Bitcoin are currently not to be discovered at any of the providers. However, this is not a big deal: after all, you can usually claim a new customer bonus of the conventional kind.

We will tell you here which new customer bonuses you can expect – and what they require. Generally, the more complicated the offer seems, the less suitable it is for newcomers. We can make it clear: Bitcoin betting providers allow you to profit from the offers in the simplest way possible.

uncoloured sports players with the topic sports betting bonus

As you can see, the betting providers with Bitcoin make their bonus conditions transparently clear. In our opinion, the turnover conditions for free spins are also very fair, so that even newcomers can try their hand at free spins. A sports betting bonus from this provider helps you to place numerous bets and gain experience with less of your own budget.

The advantages and disadvantages

Of course, best Bitcoin betting providers not only enable numerous advantages, but also come with one or two disadvantages. For example, the providers often specialize so strongly in cryptocurrencies that other payment methods are downright neglected. However, this is not the case with the online betting Bitcoin providers we have reviewed.

However, as you can see below at a glance, the Bitcoin betting providers offer more advantages than disadvantages. It is therefore worth trying out the options at least once. Probably the most important advantage is that you can bet almost anonymously, since no sports betting payments show up on your bank statements.

pros and cons of sports betting with bitcoin


  • Anonymity is guaranteed
  • Bank data will not be forwarded
  • Immediate deposits and withdrawals


  • eWallet required
  • Not everywhere online usable
  • Only a few top Bitcoin betting providers

As you can see, betting with Bitcoin is still in its infancy. Because: Only when the payment method has become more widespread among bookmakers and you get more comparison options, the payment method can be called established in the industry. However, the advantages are more in the foreground here than the disadvantages – especially for fans of the cryptocurrency.

All in all, it can be said: Only if the payment methods also meet your requirements, with them in the long run. It takes a bit of time to get to grips with the Bitcoin eWallet – but if you have already done so, there is basically nothing standing in the way of betting fun.

Bitcoin Alternatives

A very good Bitcoin alternative for you can be Litecoin. This is a cryptocurrency that is not yet as widely represented as Bitcoin itself. Therefore, it can hardly be found at bookmakers.

various cryptocurrency coins for sports betting

Sports betting providers with Bitcoin usually also offer payment options like Skrill or Trustly. The eWallets also allow instant deposits and withdrawals, so you can act quickly. Also as a modern payment method, you can occasionally use Apple Pay sports betting. 2024

Info about the

Bitcoin is not a company, as can be seen from, but a currency that has been created collectively. This is not dependent on the state or other currencies and is not handled by banks. In 2009, the first 50 Bitcoins appeared on the market.

It is important to know that Bitcoins can be purchased with any currency and are limited in number, so there should be no inflation. You can now even use them to access eSports betting providers and make online purchases in various stores.

Conclusion: A modern payment method

So, in conclusion, what can we say about the payment method and a Bitcoin betting provider? The cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and will certainly be found at more and more betting portals in the future – however, it already enjoys numerous advantages. As a cryptocurrency fan, you can already get your money's worth.

bitcoin and other modern payment method for sports betting

If you want to use the payment method not only for sports betting, but also for the casino, we can recommend the best Bitcoin casinos. Here, too, lucrative bonus promotions are waiting for you and you can also use all the features on a user-friendly app.

Bitcoin is a No. 1 cryptocurrency in the world so it is not a surprise that more and more online sports betting sites are starting to accept it. I am a Bitcoin holder and a gambler myself so it is really exciting that I can do it by using BTC. In my articles I will share some beneficial information about Bitcoin itself and the whole cryptocurrency space. In addition, I will teach you on how Bitcoin can be used for sports betting!